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50mm polyester flat endless webbing sling

Polyester Endless Lifting Slings. Low cost, easy to use, single application, fully manufactured to BS EN 1492-1:2000.

Endless webbing slings are one of the most versatile and widely used types because of their adaptability to numerous applications. Lightweight and extremely flexible; they are easily and quickly handled and adjusted to the load. Sling life is prolonged because of the ability to rotate the wear surfaces along the length of the sling.

  • Easy handling in choking use.
  • Made of 100% High Tenacity Industrial Polyester.
  • Low cost and simple design.
  • Stronger, lighter and more compact than rope or wire rope alternative solutions.
  • According to EN 1492-1-2000 or ASME B 30.9, Safety Factor 7:1 and 5:1
  • Low elongation ≤3-7%
  • Single or double ply according to your request.
  • Best uses in lifting pipe bundles and in exports .
  • Length: All lengths are available.
  • Best uses in lifting pipe bundles and in exports .
  • These types of lifting slings previously had a safety duty rating of 5:1 and were typically thrown away after one use; however due to new legislation the breaking load safety factor now has to be 7:1 and therefore does not necessarily need to be disposed of after just one use.

    Where are One Way Slings/Endless lifting slings used?
Commonly used by tubing / pipe manufacturers as well as lifting and transporting large structures for the construction industry, this often includes roof trusses and pre-fabricated timber, housing panels / walls. Another use for one way slings is for lifting boats and barges from water to dry dock for repairs and maintenance or for transportation to another location.
One way slings are used in many other areas including manufacturers of steel pipes, steel bars, and on production lines for assembling components.